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Monday, August 14, 2017

Part 2: Five Businesses Rocking the City that you can bet investing on

  • Watery: You say which one is watery? Yes, we meant it watery !. Watery proves another most sellable businesses in the world. With watery business, you can buy the most expensive mansion in your area within six months of commencement. Watery business is sellable to the extent you best imagine. Even, if you make it local, you would be one of the most popular men that ever liveth in that locality. Bet me, watery businesses pay more than ritual. Watery Businesses are very wide but we would be looking into the key areas. Watery Businesses includes Oil and Gas, Palm Oil, Soft and General Drinkable Trading, Herbal Mixtures Production, and Distributions. Don't be scared of the capital cost of these businesses rather kindly  Follow Aso Rock Media on Facebook or Follow Aso Rock Media on Twitter  to be updated as we would be broadly shedding light on each of these watery businesses.
  • Housing/Building Materials: It is our prayers to have our own house, either built from Foundation or purchased? Who cares. But have it in mind that one business that moves like nothing else is Housing/Building Materials. A very attractive thing in this business is that it makes it more comfortable for the practitioner/operator to build his/her house or decorates his/her house with fantastic modern materials. Another thing, in turn, is that everything about you advertises your business.  Businesses under this section includes but not limited to Cement Distribution,  Block Industry, Paint Production/Distribution, Wire and Cable, Interiors, Sand and Gravel Loading, Electronics, Ceiling, PVC, Sink and Aluminium Block Supply, Tiles, Interlocking and Arraign Production and Distribution, Developer, Agent, Land Resources  among others. We urge you Follow Aso Rock Media on Facebook or Follow Aso Rock Media on Twitter  to get updated as we would be broadly shedding light on each of these atttractive business sectors.
  • Furniture : But I am not a furniture professionally ! No that is never an obstacle. There is a quote by Viktor Frankl that I will love to implement here; When we are no longer able to change a situation- We are challenged to change ourselves. Kindly choose one, yourself or your situation? If your current profession could not yield the goal then the challenge is to adapt yourself to another profession. Ask yourself a question, Is Mr. Aliko Dangote an Engineer? Is Mikel Adenuga a Computer Scientist? If you could research well, you would be able to deduce that "Combinations of an idea across professional fields makes the world moving. and "If you cannot do it, then acquire those that can do it better. Venturing into Furniture Business is as much as venturing into politics from other professional fields. It is either you deal with experienced expert in furniture, buy their products, acquire a showroom where it would be displayed and would be sold at your own profitable prices. Another way is to employ a set of experienced experts in furniture, they make the furniture works in your workshop and being sold in your showroom. One funny thing about this business is that; It is a wide business, lucrative and attractively appealing. It could be easily merged with other interiors and sells products across different levels of richness. You cater and sell to both the wealthiest and average men. Even, you might consider slight advertisement but your business location at times advertises better. For more on this business tip kinly Follow Aso Rock Media on Facebook or Follow Aso Rock Media on Twitter

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