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Monday, August 14, 2017

Five Businesses Rocking the City that you can bet investing on

Doing lucrative business in Nigeria has been a major headache to the majority of living beings in the country. But the positive message is that Nigeria remains one of the best marketplaces in the world. In Nigeria, almost every product and/or market idea is marketable and reliably profitable. Being a Nigerian is a merit, utilizing the opportunity is another that warrants the written of this article. Nigeria and Nigerians are well blessed physically, mentally, emotionally and materially but short in utilization is minimizing the marginal return of our blessed resources.
Who are we to blame ? The Government ? People ? Elites ? or the Masses ? Actually, it is not time for blame trade but paving a way out rather. Kindly follow this article to unveil the fresh business opportunities in the town.
  • Agricultural Production: There is no doubt that "Food is life and nothing is substituted to food but food". Agricultural Production at various scale is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative businesses with an evergreen lifespan. Ranging from the production of 'green leaf' through the production of food crops to cash crop productions. Agricultural Production is seen by Aso Rock Media a business that geometrically yields in a season output. There are lots of agricultural practices that you can venture into but we highlight few here. Kindly  Follow Aso Rock Media on Facebook or Follow Aso Rock Media on Twitter  to be updated as we would be broadly shedding light on each of these practices. Major lucrative areas with big investment in agricultural sector includes Crop Cultivations; Cassava Plantation, Maize plantation, Pepper and Tomato plantations, Yam plantation, Irish potatoes plantation, Rice Production, Palm Plantation, Cocoa, Cutton and Rubber Plantations. Animal Productions; Piggery, Poultry, Snailry, Bee Keeping, Fishery, Cow, Goat and Ram Rearing. One beautiful thing about agricultural practices is that, its market is everywhere you are and cost of production depends majorly on how much large you want to start. "After all, there is nothing bad in starting small and building on it.
  • Computer and Mobile Technology : Does it take to be a Professional Software Developer before looping the globe digitally. The simple answer is 'NO !'. This is the most modern way of making millions of any currency within a second. Computer and Mobile Technology is the only business where the operator cannot measure the profit per until time. It is a business where if you are asked about your earning rate. The response would be "Do you mean how much I have earned since; You occupy that seat? You asked the question? or Since I started giving the response? It is a business that travels around the globe in a microsecond. It is a business that is readily consumed even before you know. Sections under Computer and Mobile Technology includes Computer Center, Cyber Cafe, Buying and Selling of both Old and New Laptops, Buying and Selling of both Old and New Phones, Selling of Mobile Browsing Data, Owning a commercial website that helps people achieving some goals as you earn your cash, Buying and Selling of Softwares, Buying and Selling of Computer and Phone Hardware, Venturing into wide space of Information Technology World, Sales of Digital Tickets; Airline tickets, PHCN tickets, Startime tickets, GoTV ticket, DStv ticket, Event ticket and very lot more business opportunities under Computer and Mobile Technology.  Kindly  Follow Aso Rock Media on Facebook or Follow Aso Rock Media on Twitter  to be updated as we would be broadly shedding light on each of these sectors in our later posts.
    What is to give light must endure burning --- Viktor Frankl
  • Watery: You say which one is watery? Yes, we meant it watery !. Watery proves another most sellable businesses in the world. With watery business, you can buy the most expensive mansion in your area within six months of commencement. Watery business is sellable to the extent you best imagine. Even, if you make it local, you would be one of the most popular men that ever liveth in that locality. Bet me, watery businesses pay more than ritual. Watery Businesses are very wide but we would be looking into Click here to read full article
Why must you finist reading this article. Recall that Confucius once said "To go too far is as bad as to fall short. That is the reason we partition the post to optimize its comprehensiveness.
We are so gladful to encourage you to start a business now without considering the level being small. Recall that Confucius once said "Man who stands on hill with mouth open will wait long time for roast duck to drop in. Then we are happy to encourage you to descend down the hill, fetch your water and keep going.

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